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How much yield are you leaving in the field? 

Every rotor combine loses 0.6% and 2% grain, that’s anywhere between R300k LOSS per one-thousand hectares. But there is good news, Estes RPR Thrashing/Separating Concave System. The #1 Best-Selling Concave System Worldwide.

  • MINIMAL Rotor Loss
  • 1-4 km/hr Faster Ground Speed
  • NO Changing Concaves
  • 30% MORE Capacity
  • CLEANER Grain Sample
  • No Changing Concaves
  • Less Fuel Consumption
  • More Rands In Your Pocket
    Stock round bar concaves work reasonable well in that they don’t plug often in good conditions, and therefore can be “universally” used across crops and conditions, but the rotor loss and grain damage in corn is unacceptable. There is more mechanical damage done to grain by round bars than anything else. Our patented RPR Concave System is the best of all worlds, no plugging, no rotor loss, less broken cobs, less fines, more capacity and significantly better sample from running a slower rotor speed. 
    WHY RPR?
    The Estes RPR Concave System has addressed all of Thrashing-Separating Issues. Our patented round bar with a notch milled in it to restrict the crop flow and force material to rub on material, giving you a cleaner sample. Then the bars are placed progressively open to increase capacity and to ensure more crop is “unloaded” as it flows through the concave system. The flow was increased by 68%. This is all followed up by the placing of the 7 Disrupter lugs into your existing separating grates to finish the separation operation. 
    R | Restricted Flow Threshing forces more grain-on-grain threshing
    P | Progressively Open to increase capacity so grain can be separate quickly
    | Round Bar with our patented notch gives a cleaner thresh yet still prevents plugging 
    The RPR Concaves System is the culmination of over 30 years of experience and testing. The product speaks for itself and with thousands of RPR Systems installed all around the world, there are many farmers that say the same. 

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